Recommended Movies

Every so often, I plan to post on my blog a suggestion or suggestions to go see in theaters or to rent. They'll all be recently released. I won't guarantee that I've seen what I suggest, but I'll see them soon after I post its recommendation.

Theater: Boyhood (seen it)

Seen it. Loved it. Recommend it. Side note: I can't put it in my movie rankings quite yet because I feel I need to watch it a second time. This movie is long, and so to confidently put it in a position on my list, I need to remember the whole movie.

Rental: Jodorowsky's Dune (not seen it)

I haven't gotten a chance to sit down and watch this. Jodorowosky's Dune never was available in a movie theater near me. I've watched the trailer a couple times more than the normal person watches trailers, so I guess I'm excited to see this movie. Click here to rent.