Walk Into "The Room"

Welp, it seems like the great Tommy has blocked all the videos I posted here. What can you do.


Oh, The Room. You are a triumph of human existence. You revolutionized cinema. You set the standard. What standard? The standard for bad. The definition of bad. The worst of the worst of the worst. Because of this, the creator (Tommy Wiseau) is a teacher. A science teacher because he taught us absolute zero. He gave filmmakers a minimum that they know they can never stoop lower than. They feel safe above the minimum that he has set. They can't make the worst film anymore. All because of Tommy.

Here are the best scenes from The Room. Take it as an educational experience.

"You're my favorite customer!"

"I hit YMCA with a 2000 dollar check I couldn't cash."

"I'm fed up with this world!"

"You think about everything."

"It's confidential."

"It seems to me that you're the expert, Mark!"

"You're tearing me apart, Lisa!"

Click here to buy the movie. You know you want to.